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Estate Planning


English and Spanish

Turn-Key Estate Planning Seminars

Estate Planning Seminars Serve Three Primary Purposes...

We are proud to offer "turn-key" Estate Planning Seminars in both English and Spanish. Estate planning seminars are an affordable and effective way to personally engage your most interested donors at a time when they are making critical decisions to complete their future plans. Furthermore, these time-tested seminars are vital for involving professional advisors who are available to help your stakeholders complete their estate planning documents.

Orchestrating successful Estate Planning Seminars can be a daunting task, especially as you aim to incorporate your

professional advisors with your follow up plans. This is why your Pleiades team is such a valuable asset for donor engagement

and follow up. For the best bequest ROI results, Estate Planning Seminars should be seen as an important part of your larger  marketing strategy.


Estate Planning Seminars Serve Three Primary Purposes:


First, Estate Planning Seminars help your donors complete their estate plans and advanced directives. With more than 65% of Americans still needing to put a basic estate plan together, a well orchestrate Estate Planning Seminar will help your stakeholders seamlessly move through a process to complete their advanced directives and estate plans.

Second, Estate Planning Seminars engage the allied professionals within your community. Estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, insurance advisors, realtors, CPAs, and other professionals are not only necessary but will serve as invaluable partners with you and your organization. Your donors need them, and so do you.

Third, Estate Planning Seminars dramatically increase bequest giving to your organization. Though not all participants will be interested in leaving your organization as a beneficiary in their estate plans, you are still providing potential prospects and stakeholders alike with an invaluable service to complete their future planning. This can be seen as a great entry point for future leads.

We invite you to learn how we can help implement or strengthen your Estate Planning Seminar strategy.

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